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So I drove to the lake in the early morning and everything was fine. Had to run the defrost to clear up some fogging on the windshield. No issues.

Around 6 hours later when we were done at the lake I went to get the car. I started it and turned up the AC so it could get cooled down (it was around 89F and the windows were kept closed). As I was loading stuff into the car I get a whiff of a weird, almost burnt smell. I didn’t really think anything of it because people burn trash all the time in the area. I went to get into the car and a whitish smoke was coming out of the vent nearest the driver side door and this is where the smell was coming from. Immediately I turned the air off and popped the hood. No smoke from engine bay.

I thought it could be an issue with the blower motor, cabin air filter, or blower motor resistor. I just installed all three replacements.

I also noticed that now the fan will turn on and the power outlet (cigarette lighter) both have power and work without the key even being in the ignition. This obviously wasn’t the case before all of this.

Can someone tell me an idea of what it going on? TIA
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