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Hi, 2 questions:

1) I'm having a hard time finding small parts on the vw parts listing.
Specifically, the wire support for the #3 injector, picture at the bottom (yes, it can probably be ignored, but I figure it's there for a reason).
There parts catalogue has a lot of 'small parts' images, the closest I found was illustration # 977-000, but I can't find the one I'm looking for.

2) I replaced the coolant glow plugs recently and bought the replacement boots, but the wires are way too short. I wonder if I have the wrong variant, I believe the head glow plugs had a revision from single to multiple wires, but I wasn't aware of the coolant ones. Before I go splicing into the wiring harness, I just want to confirm if there's a different part for the 2003 ALH, I have 028971782A from the dealer which has a heavy plug on the end, made for plugging into the relay.

Of course as soon as I post, I thought of another one!
2.5) I'm getting really tired of the "crayon" smell/stink, so I'm planning on pulling the floor insulation as soon as it stops being so cold out, and I just wanted some feedback on this guy's post: https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/mk-iv-crayon-smell-gone-forever.9354111/; if anyone has tried it, and if the 1/4" dynoliner is the ideal thickness (they offer 1/2" as well, so of course I wonder if that's 'better'). Most importantly, if anyone has done this, does it actually remove the stank over the long run?

Thanks, it's been a while since I've been on here, good to see it's still busy! I feel like I'm seeing mk4s on the road a lot more lately, and it seems like mine just refuses to die; I always joke that while it's now 20, it drives like it's only 10 :)

Here's the pic of the connector on the wire:
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