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hi guys my Skoda Octavia vrs 2.0 tdi ppd engine 2007 does not want to start 1st turn of the key takes about 5-8 cranks to get it to fire into life.

Glow plugs are good and glow well cts sensor is brand new vw item checked the fuel filter this morning was full to the top so not draining back to tank.

Anything else I should e checking now have no errors showing with vcds apart from egr one as this is mapped out.

Things to note only does this if the car is left to cool down after say 4-5 hours it’s only the 1st start that’s an issue every other start is instant brand new battery fitted last week this happens when the out side temp is warm or cold.

This issue is really annoying now so anything you can think of let me no and I’ll check it. :)
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