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Hi! Hope that somebody can help me out with some ideas as to where to look to fix this problem.
I have a Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI, BSM engine and I have a more less constant P0471 and P0472 error message.
(Three cylinder engine used in Audi, WV, Seat, Skoda models)
I have changed the sensor G450 a number of times both the old original and to the newer updated kind from a reliable WV dealer, there are no visible leaks / clogs on/in the hoses, I measured the electrical impulse on the correct wire and I do get the right voltage on the wires, however the problem persists...

Here is a RossTech info :

Address 01: Engine (045 906 013 Q)

18.0 Soot Index
-15.30 Press. Difference Particle Filter
-22.95 Press. Difference Offset
14.9 % Particle Filter Load Coefficient
34.0 Particle Filter Carbon Mass
0.0 Carbon Mass Learned Value

Is the Dpf filter too full? at 34.0 I think there is more life in it....last week the engine ran a normal regeneration for like 5 min and that was it.
Why do I get the negative values on the pressure difference? Is the G450 sensor not adapting? Do I need a new G450 sensor?

Any ideas very much appreciated! I can get additional info/other values via vcds if needed.

Thank you!
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