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skid plate installation article and tips

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This article shows installation of a dieselgeek skid plate. Links to the other skid plate makers are also included so you can quickly compare them. The article is not an endorsement of any specific skid plate. I avoid scaremonger language and try to avoid any commentary in the articles so I just put in an anecdote from another TDI driver.

While you can get by just fine without a skid plate, rough roads and potholes can cause some serious damage to the oil pan. Road condition and your car's suspension play a part in how much your car could need one. In addition to cheap insurance, a metal skid plate also stiffens the chassis. A note about crash safety is also included. That's one reason why the engine mount bolts are stretch bolts.
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Why didn't VW just put steel on all oil pans?
Why didn't VW just put steel on all oil pans?
Why would they? Maybe it was a design defect?
It was a FUBAR on VW's part, they used to use steel and switched to AL.
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