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Simple Post - I love my car!

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Well, although its is only one month old, and 2318 miles, I love this 2010 Jetta TDI. I have owned some fairly nice cars over the years but this vehicle is "bubbling" near the top of my favorites.

These forums have been extremely helpful and informative. I just wanted to start a positive thread.

My work requires extensive freeway travel. The satsifaction of running the TDI down the road
is comforting to me.

I understand any car can be problematic, and I am ready for what comes. So far, its been better
than expected. I seem to have a great dealer who really understands TDI's.

I have experienced no problems.

Thanks again everyone, and keep the posts coming.

James Donabed
Fresno, Ca
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9.5 months and 13K on my 2010 Jetta, and I, too, could not be more pleased. (Well, the purchasing process could have been better, but I have no complaints about the car itself.)

No mechanical problems for me, either . . . hoping that continues.

4 months, 9900 miles, long trips to Baltimore, DC, Pittsburgh, southeast Alabama. Very much liking the car and its performance.
1.5 months, 4570 miles on my 2010 jetta TDI, I travel between 150 to 200 hundred miles a day on avarage. A little less the last two weeks. I have been extreamly happy with this car. I also followed the breakin instructions from this site and one other site. This car has performed well! :thumbsup
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