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After looking everywhere for a solution, and trying everything, here is what I did.
I hope this will save time to others.

When I first paired my motorola Milestone, I could not use the dial by name with the VW bluetooth.
I just replace this phone for a new Samsung Nexus S android. This is for a new 2011 Jetta Highline.
( was tested in A4 also)

1) Pair your phone to the car. ( set the phone to discover bluetooth, turn the key on (or press the start button), when the phone finds the VW phone, pair them)

The first time, you will be ask you to give access to the contacts, answer yes
this is supposed to upload your contact list into the VW bluetooth

In my case, it did not do it automatically...
In this case, take a look at the phone. You will notice a small arrow pointing up, on top left of the screen of your phone. If you drag it down, it will show a menu. In this menu ,select upload contacts.

It took only a few seconds to upload 200 contacts from my phone.

Every time you change your contact list, you can re-upload it into the VW bluetooth.
Work very well on my Nexus S Telus.

BTW dialing is done by last name first... After you say "call Doe John" if the system ask you to specify mobile, home etc and you only have one phone number, just press on the phone icon on the wheel button, it will dial right away.

Be safe and have fun!

PS . it also works perfectly with music over bluetooth!
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