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Serpentine Belt Tensioner

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180k+ on motor. @22k on belts. Squealing noise from serpentine belt train the other day. Seemed to be coming from the tensioner pulley. When I touched the arm of the tensioner the noise went away. Silly question, can the bolts holding the tensioner be reused? What's the torque for them? Would it be smart to go ahead and replace the alt pulley now? I read a couple horror stories about them failing right after belt service. Any thoughts?
Thanks, Tom.
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I changed the tensioner on mine at 115k (about six weeks ago) used the same bolts and just tightend them back up, all seems well and the knocking noise it had went :thumbsup
Also check the alternator pulley. Remove the belt, put a wood or non metal dowel to counterhold the alternator fan inside it, and turn the pulley by hand. It should freewheel one direction and hold in the other. If not the pulley is bad.

The 2x bolts for the serpentine belt tensioner are 18 ft lb.
What causes the knocking? Is it the tensioner bumping into the alternator?

I had a tensionor go bad at 58K on 2005 TDI JSW. VW covered under warranty but only changed tensioner. I changed serpentine belt at 59K but knocked returned after 200 miles when belt stretched. I replaced tensioner and belt again - problem solved.

Clutched Pulled on Alternator Seized

Answered my own question - Thanks to others’ posts on this BB!

Went to garage; opened the hood; locked tensioner open; shoved chop stick between alternator check hole and plastic fans inside alternator. No Clutched Pulley. (*Ta*Da*) Ordered replacement part from Discount Import Parts (http://www.discountimportparts.com/)- it was stocked within two hours; ordered special tool MN3400 from Metalnerd (http://www.metalnerd.com/ )- it was in mailbox two days later.

Replacement is as simple as a 14mm socket on a breaker bar and a 17mm open end wrench; Tri-flow to loosen pulley threads from alternator - turn open end wrench counter-clockwise to loosen; replace pulley; tighten; wipe area clean; set belt; and release tensioner to unlocked position.

Wolfe (2005 TDI 5sp wgn) purrs like the day it was new. It is amazing how a clutched pulley on an alternator can make such a drivability difference. There is no belt vibration at start or during fully wheel turn lock. I can also hear again the variable pitch turbo whistle on and off at low speeds like it did when new.

Awesome BB! Thanks.

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