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Secondary speed display units plus VCDS vs. warranty

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Hello. I picked up a 2011 Sportwagen TDI on Friday and I really like it... I have two newbie questions, though.

First, I like the secondary speed display that shows on each MFI page. Somehow, though, I managed to get it to display in kph rather than mph. If I enable the large (full-page) MFI speed display, it shows in mph. Somehow I switched the secondary display units without realizing it and I have no idea how to switch it back. Any clue?

Second, it looks like there are a lot of settings that I'd like to tweak using VCDS. Will modifying the software using VCDS void my warranty?

Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the forum Bxiie. welcometomyturbodies

I don't know how they work it in the States but in the UK because the speedo is only marked in mph they have to show kph in the Multi Function Display (MFD) MFI by law. Speedos should be dual marked or have a seconday kph. Now on some VW forums people ask how can they display mph in the MFD and a user wrote back and said if you change the fuel display to US mpg and it shows mph, I haven't tried it as I don't mind the kph.

I would be careful tweaking with VCDS while its under warranty as if it as to go back they know how things were set its on there service computer so they my get funny with you. ;)

LOL, the random button press. I'll bet the dealer could try to void your warranty but I don't think it can mess up your car and you can always go back to the original code.
Keith, thank you... I haven't changed the fuel units, though, and I'd guess they were set to US rather than imperial gallons on delivery. I will check the setting, though.

Tom, I guess it *was* a random key press; I got in the car to go someplace and managed to change the setting without realizing though I had spent several hours the night previous reading the (variable quality) manual and working with the menus... So maybe I changed something then and didn't realize? In any event, I had read the link you provided prior to posting and have looked at it again now but it does not seem to address my issue. Sorry to be dense.

Speaking of random button presses, the steering wheel 'voice control' button is right where the cruise control cancel button was on my V70; pressing the button in response to the radar detector going off now results in the voice control woman yelling at me rather than canceling cruise. Hopefully I'll re-establish the muscle memory before I get pulled over for speeding.

I'm guessing I'll be getting VCDS; if not now then in 35.5k miles.
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If they say that VCDS caused the problem you would have to fight them. Just don't change settings without saving the original code and you should be fine.

There should be an option under the menu to change units.
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