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Leon 1p 2.0 TDI Cr
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Hey ladies and gents,

just after clarification really before spending cash. I got the eml and glow plug on the motorway, scanned car and got the boost pressure control valve fault. Only had limp mode once.
Car seems pretty normal power wise but the lights comes on every time I drive it and the exhaust has got noisy.

vacuum tested it today and the actuator holds absolutely no pressure at all which suggests the diaphragm has gone?. Should I just replace the actuator (I know it’s awkward and needs couple of specialist spanner’s etc)

im pretty handy on the tools just not keen on paying Seat £80 to tell me what I already know then cost of parts plus labour when I can do it myself.

ps I do have vcds but don’t really need it for this I don’t think, I can set it up with caliper
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