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Has anybody investigated nominal values of NOX sensor related parameters. My car has engine CFFB (seat alhambra 4motion TDI 2.0).
My can has visited different car repair shops for 4 times.... None of the workshops are really interested in looking into parameter values, and trying to understand which things broken is misconfigured.

Every now and then get "addblue service" warning, and with VCDS I get code 15733 SCR NOC catalyst bank 1, P20EE - efficiency too low.
With the error code, calculated efficiency of NOX conversion is 0,603, Measured NOX conversion is 0,000, but Efficiency threshold of NOX conversion is 0.

I wonder why threshold is 0.... From the error message you could think that sensor is broken, but I can run the DFP regen, and SCR efficiency test, and get rid of warning.
Later on they come back. Could of course be ammonia slip.

I logged some some data during test drive, and NOX ppm level vary a lot, from 50-1800 ppm. Sensor reading plots show correlation with SCR injector activations.
But of course there is quite a few other parameters as well.

If some is interested I can post graphs and excel data. but i would nice hear, which parameters are would be worth monitoring . DFP differential pressure, engine torgue, NOX sensor 2 ?

I am planning to replace the NOX sensor, but has some tried out the cheaper versions on NOX sensors ? Before trying sensor replacement with either original part, It would nice have some target levels of parameters to monitor.

The original parts are very expensive, and NOX emissions are not really a problem in this country. I know, that wrong sensor reading could lead into catalysator issues,
But don't want to hijacked by the dealerships pricing.

These SCR spare parts are so expensive, that I fell that is true dieselgate is in in the SCR systems - it takes good while, before they activate, and overall they seem to reduce engine efficiency - so right I have doubts about their green values. Anyways, I would like keep the in legal shape, and not to remove it.
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