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s400 diesel hybrid official

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Pix can be seen here:

Mercedes-Benz has officially confirmed the launch of its first hybrid vehicle and provided plenty of details on the drive system. The S400 BlueHybrid will will go on sale next summer in Europe with a U.S. launch expected soon after. The S400 will be the first product of a collaboration between Daimler and BMW to develop a mild hybrid drive system. Unlike the Two-Mode hybrid system that Mercedes is putting into the ML450 hybrid, the mild system uses a conventional 7-speed Mercedes automatic transmission. The torque converter is replaced by a 20 hp disc-shaped electric motor/generator. The motor replaces the torque converter, alternator and starter motor and provides regenerative braking capability as well electric power boost and auto start/stop capability.

The S400 will also be the first series production hybrid vehicle and first high-volume production vehicle of any type (hybrid or electric) to use a lithium ion battery for energy storage. The 120 V battery supplied by Continental is packaged under the hood so it doesn't take up any cargo room. The lithium battery will actually replace the conventional 12 V lead acid battery and with the use of a transformer it will be used to provide power to all the electrical accessories in the car. Because the alternator is eliminated and some of the charging power for the battery comes from regenerative braking, parasitic losses in the car are reduced. The bottom line is that the hybrid S-class should get the best fuel economy in the large luxury car class. It will be rated at a combined 29.8 mpg (U.S.) on the EU test cycle compared to 23.3 mpg (U.S.) for the conventional S350.
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I don't there there's much cross shopping here :) But I guess MB can put the cost of a hybrid system into a S400, it's a bit of a stretch for a golf.
Where do you see diesel? It's a v6 with a lithium ion hybrid system. I think the "blue" name threw you off.

S 400 BlueHYBRID. The combination of a modified V6 petrol engine and a compact hybrid module makes the S 400 BlueHYBRID the world's most economical luxury saloon with a spark-ignition engine
Whoops, then they should make one :)
Good to hear it beats the V8 Lexus 600h in fuel economy, that thing had a pointless v8. All you need ith a hybrid system is a v6.
The answer to saving fuel is small light cars. This is just greenwashing.
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