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After my exhaustive research, it seemed like this was the only CAI I could invest in for a TDI was this one:

If you look on the vehicle applications it goes up to 2015, but only says 2015 Jetta TDI. For Golf it only goes to 2014. I'm sitting on my computer with support asking if it'll fit, and everyone at S&B says "I'm 99% sure it'll fit." Great.....So like any other enthusiast, I say "send it."

Note: the CAI comes to my door completely dissembled so I can get a good look at everything. Low and behold that black housing for the CAI is HUGE. Battery is in the way among a slew of other things. WONT FIT

I guess I'm asking for suggestions, alternative parts, or ways I might be able to work with what I have. I've seen some intakes with no housing like this. Can I install this intake naked without that housing? I bought the pre-oiled one.

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