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Hi all
Recently experienced a runaway engine on my 2002 mk4 tdi.
Car revved up real high for about 3-4 secs and died, upon inspection the oil was gone and was found inside the intercooler.
I was told the turbo was shot. Had the turbo refurbished and intercooler cleaned and refitted everything.
New diesel filter, oil filter, oil 5w40 now the engine wont start.
Dropped the sump and inspected the engine from below and ontop for wear but none is visible.
Checked the timing belt and primed the fuel pump with an electric fuel pump still doesnt start.
Air seems to leak back from the diesel pump or the diesel filter as seen through the clear pipe.
Can a broken diesel injection pump cause a runaway engine and leak backwards towards the diesel filter?
The write up of a runaway engine says turbo failure is the number one cause for runaway engines.

Ps: When i spray start up accelerators inside the plastic air intake pipe via breather connection the car starts but sound really loud and runs a few seconds and dies.
Local diesel mechanic says its the diesel injection pump that was the initial cause of the runaway and priming it seems not to last long before air comes into the fuel line again.
Can this be true?
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