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Hi , I have run out of ideas with my Audi A6 1.9TDI and it's rough idle. The car has 180k miles on it so is no spring chicken but apart from the rough idle it drives fine, uses no oil and is a great work horse. I replaced the camshaft as the lobes were worn on cyl 3 & 4, Torsion value moves between 0.0 and 0.6 at idle, I have moved this wither side of zero but it made no difference to the idle just moved the powerband around. I have checked the injector loom . There seems to be a lot of correction going on in measuring block 13 on VCDS, which prompted me to swap injectors around but this made no difference. The IQ is now showing 12.9mg/str after adjustment via VCDS, it was previously 14.1! I know this is way high and should be around 3 or 4. I have tried the "hammer mod" but the pump would only move in one direction which made things worse so I returned it back to its original position. Do I have an issue with the pump?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated before I drive this thing off a cliff
p.s. I have two other 1.9TDI cars in the family which are both running sweet so I know this one isn't right.

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