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It looks like the new version of the RNS 510 GPS system for 2011 will have a larger 40 gb hard drive instead of the current 30 gb hard drive. There is no firm date for the transition and they're no longer equipped on TDI in North America but this is relevant for those in Europe and those who want to upgrade to the 510.

There will be 15gb for maps (increase from 10) and 25 gb for music (increased from 20 gb)

The RNS 510 FAQ article will be updated : http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/rns510-VW-GPS-FAQ.htm

The hardware has also been upgraded to be a little faster. The main complaints on the RNS 510 is that the interface is slow. The newer hardware and firmware upgrades have sped up the interface.
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