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RNS 510 in my 2010 Touareg TDI

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Hi everyone,

I would like to throw out this question and give a bit of background info pertaining to why I am posing this question:
Is there a way that one can find out when (production week) what RNS 510 is supposed to be fitted into a car?
I just bought a 2010 V6TDI, built in the produxtion week of 49 2009. I am currently stationed in Europe and had the European Maps DVD loaded by my VW dealer here in Italy. Everything works fine except for a few things:
- Not able to enter a house number
- Not able to enter a street, only able to hit "Center".
- Does not read 32GB card.
- Will not snatch my phone book from my BB 8110, neither missed / recent calls show up. the phone syncs up and I can use pretty much everything else except for the audio streaming, which I understand will not work with 9WC.
Now, I have done quite a bit of research on various sites here in Europe and from what I understand, I "should" have a RNS 510 with a "C" index, when actually I have one with a "B" index. Furthermore, I have found out that having a "C" index (started in production week 45 of 2009) would pretty much clear up "some" of my problems, especially the reading of cards >2GB. Also the "C" index models will have no problems with future SW updates. is there any official info out there concerning what models have which versions? As per VW Germany, they are saying if my vehicle was made in the 49th week, I "should" have a C index RNS-510.

Any help or feedback on these issues is greatly appreciated.




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Are Italian dealers as bad as US dealers? LOL. The way I understand it, parts supply and whatnot cause rolling changes to inventory and what part shows up on your car. IMHO, you could ask for a newer one. But why isn't the dealer fixing the entry problems?

Well... Not sure how US dealers are, but... Customer service has not yet been defined. My contact does try his hardest, as he grew up in the States, but he still hits barriers.... Basically they say 'US version, can't fix it". Basta. hence why I will take it up with the POC for Warranty Issues for "us' military folks. I would just liek to sell my RNS and buy a european one, but I do not figure I can get that much on ebay etc...
Anyhow, I will keep all posted on what they say...


They have house numbers in Italy right, lol..? Seriously, some countries don't have well defined addresses but I'm guessing Italy does. Is there a newer software flash? what is the problem with B software upgrades?

Apparently there seems to be some sort of non-compatibility between the B version on the US market, when loaded with Euro DVD. The newest DVD version available is V6.1. The actual RNS SW version seems to be the problem. Apparently SW2662 does not run smoothly on the US B version.
Easiest fix would be to swap it out with a euro C index version. Or, tell the warrantly folks to get me the newest stateside SW avaialable for the B version RNS 510. According to mfd3, there is a new sw version available, as of october 2009...... Going crazy here....
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