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RNS 510 & 9W7 new install question

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I just installed the RNS510 (upgraded from Premium 8) and did a new install of the 9W7 (no prior BT before) on a 2010 Golf wagon. Everything went pretty easily (thanks to all the helpful posts here) and it all seems to work except for the Bluetooth functionality. The RNS sees the BT and I even called 911 (by mistake) and the operator answered, so I know it is functioning, but it won't allow you to add phones. Now I have done no Vag Com programming yet as I don't have access to one and I am wondering; do you HAVE to program the new install with VagCom before the bluetooth will work properly?
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Still not sure if that answered my question?

Thanks for the links (though I don't see what the last link had to do with anything), but none of them answered my question. I can find LOTS of information on VagCom coding but should the BT work (minus MFD) out of the box or does RNS510 need to be set up in the computer first??
My VW Mk6 had no bluetooth at all

I had to do a brand new install from scratch...
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