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RNS 315 GPS retrofit question

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I have a 2010 Golf Wagon TDI Highline and I currently have the Premium 8 stereo unit. I SO want to get a built in GPS but all the aftermarkets don't work with the MFI. The dealer says they will install a RNS 315 only if Kufatec can supply all of the wiring for the retrofits. But after reading the FAQ on this unit it looks like the install is basically a plug & play.

Does anybody know if this unit will basically drop in and replace my old unit? I don't currently have BT but want to include it in this upgrade if I can. Any advice on that would be welcome also.

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It's plug and play since you have the premium 8 headunit. You only have to unplug the stock compass module under the rear headliner so that the computers don't see 2 compass readings and plug in a GPS antenna. You can stick the GPS antenna under the dashboard and the wire plugs into the back of the RNS 315.

It basically drops in. The bluetooth is more complicated because the stock unit is under the passenger seat. I don't know for sure but it may fit behind the radio for an aftermarket installation. Kufatec definitely sells the wiring harness adapter to add OEM bluetooth. Look in the FAQ for 9w7, it's sold by the site sponsor mfd3.com as well.
Dealer's response

So the dealer quoted me ..... wait for it.... $4400 for the RNS-510 or $2000 for the RNS-310! Plus installation :eek Plus the BT module which I have to buy off the internet & they will install. Somehow I am losing hope that I will ever get a built-in GPS in my car!

I bought my Golf Wagon a year ago and when I was in the showroom yesterday they had a 2011 Highline model with the 310 AND Bluetooth AND the premium stereo for only $1200 extra!! Damn! It is too bad that the VW is so awesome in every respect EXCEPT the electronic options, where they clearly suck.

Anybody know of an installer in Toronto that can do this job, as I am not sure I want to give the dealership this business (or any business ever again for that matter)?
Market price of the RNS510 is about $1800. Used it's around a grand. Forget paying retail for a new part. If the RNS315 is a $600 option and they keep the radio that they would have otherwise put it, it makes sense that the market price should level out around $600-700. I thought the RNS310 was a European GPS?
I don't know if it's European or not, but it's in the Canadian 2011's.
camp ebay and look for rns 510's ( make sure it's a US part, has sat radio etc )to pop up. Some idiot will list one in the wrong place. I picked a brand new one up last month for my 2010 JSW for $750 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170553247552 The gps antennae is $15 and you can get a nav dvd off ebay for $25-$100.

You can easily install it. Takes all of 5 minutes, including installing the gps antennae and pulling the compass module. Hardest part is VCDS coding. That takes about 5 minutes too. Just make sure you reset everything ( reset radio and reset ignition on car).

The bluetooth is straight swap. Pick up a 9w7 module for about $300 and it's under the passenger seat, just swap them.
Please Help RNS 315 BIG PROBLEM

I just buy a RNS 315, i have installet 3 days ago, all ok.
Starting that day, my car, (GOLF 5, 1.9 TDI), first start, start very hard. I have to kep the key between 3-5 seconds to start the engine.
Today,the car don't start anymore.
The battery had 0 volltage. Even i cant close the car, 0 power.

Problem, navigation, power consumption when the engine is off.

Someone can help me? any suggestion? What can be the problem?

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Since you have a golf 5, it's possible the CAN BUS module must be updated. Some older ones had problems where it resulted in power drain because it didn't put the nav module to sleep. Search FAQ for CAN BUS module, it's under the driver's right kick panel.
Need help with Lost Microphone

I completed my RNS 315 retrofit today, but after coding to enable the internal bluetooth and cycling the CAM non of the new blue tooth functionality was available. i.e.: streaming and other bluetooth related.

Decided to unplug the external bluetooth unit and things seam to work, but durring test discovered i lost the microphone.

If i plug the external bluetooth unit back in the microphone returns but no phone features since i will need to recode to disable the internal bluetooth.

any thoughts how can i keep the internal bluetooth unit on with the built in microphone system..http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif

is there any option in can bus list to remove bluetooth there as well?
is there any option in can bus list to remove bluetooth there as well?
I am not sure. i don't know a cable to validate.

the person that assisted me in addition of performing the changes listed in http://www.remkoweijnen.nl/blog/2011/08/26/rns-315-enable-the-hidden-bluetooth-carkit/ he disabled in section 19 (can Bus) the telephone feature. Whats interesting if i have the external bluetooth the default telephone feature and mic work. Once i disconnect the external bluetooth the radio internal bluetooth recognize the phone and things works but no mic. I think disabling the telephone feature in the can bus (19) is the cause of no mic when the external bluetooth is disconnected.

I guess i am looking for someone that can validate and test for me.

I have a 2010 eos with crappy bluetooth module with no streaming. So added a RNS315 for the better bluetooth with streaming.
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