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I'm posting my review here, as I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to post a review to KermaTDIs website or on Google. I'm at a loss here... So here it goes.

The specs on the car: 2015 VW Golf TDI, w/ DSG. SEL package, Lighting package, Fender audio. Bone Stock. I like the car, but the drivetrain system is/was lacking.

The process for getting the tune installed was pretty painless. Ordered it, got the programmer, downloaded the original ECU file, sent it to Kerma, and within 30 mins, got an updated tune.

The programmer must have had a small issue, as some of the icons were blank, but I followed a YouTube video and just pressed in the general area of the screen to get the programmer to do its thing. Which it did, in about 20 mins.

On first pass, the tune is nice. Kerma claims +50/+100 (hp/tq) over stock, which I have not verified on a dyno (except my butt dyno), but it seems fitting. The tune really livened up the car, and changed my intention of selling it. However...

It seems that KermaTDI was a bit too aggressive with the tune. The car pulls through 1st, 2nd, and most of 3rd without issues. However, 4th and above have issues. Upon contacting KermaTDI tech support regarding a hesitation (power cut) during full throttle, I was informed that the ECU is pulling power due to high Exhaust Gas temps. So, on long pulls, like over 5 seconds, say, up a hill on the highway, the engine produces EGTs that are too high, so the ECU pulls power to reduce EGTs. This keeps cycling if you keep your foot in it, like every 2 or 3 seconds. This is super annoying, and also begs the question, "Is this tune going to damage my engine?" I feel that it won't since the EGT cut is setting in.

But seriously KermaTDI, for $100 over Malone's tune, I would expect that you'd at least MENTION that your tune causes EGT cut for "long" pulls.

Side note: I haven't cared to keep records of my MPGs before or after, and frankly, I DGAF, as long as they aren't in the 20s.

The verdict: 2.5/5 Stars. -1 for EGT cut, -0.5 for not mentioning the EGT cut on your website, -0.5 for the programmer being "quirky", and -0.5 for me having a leave a [email protected] REVIEW ON A FORUM... If I were to choose a tune knowing what I do now, I would've gone with the Malone tune. At least now, I know to go with Malone for the DSG tune which will need to happen since whomever tuned this drivetrain at VW is a complete moron. Or maybe I should've just bought a BMW 328d and made my vehicle fleet all BMW.. idk. Would've looked nice next to my 135i and my 318ti.
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