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Resistance when coasting in drive

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Hey all, just bought myself a 2006 TDI Jetta automatic. When buying it, I knew it needed a camshaft job, so I just had that done. I have driven an 06 TDI manual extensively, however this is my first auto TDI. When I let off the throttle, it seems to have some resistance and slows down faster than I'd expect. I then throw it in neutral and it coasts as I expect it to. Is this just how these cars are, or is something wrong with mine? Also it takes more throttle to get going than I would typically anticipate. Thank y'all for reading!
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Im having that issue now too I have a 2014 vw passat tdi se 2.0. I'm going to check the air filter and carbon filter 1st. Then go from there
This is the general condition of TDI Jetta types. I think you could try taking it to a garage to ask more about this in case it's a technical fault with your car.
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