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I'm replacing the transmission in my 2006 Jetta TDI 1.9l with 230k miles (transmission bell housing blew out where the press fitted bearing is located in the gearbox?). I'm looking at the KermaTDI 150+hp kit/package for BRM (manual) 5-speed as an upgrade while I've have the transmission torn out and doing major maintenance.

I've got to replace a gasket somewhere on the engine block that's been leaking oil for forever causing glow plugs to go out and oil to end up in the turbo intake (I think; left side 2" tubing running beside the fuel filter) and making excessive amounts of soot come from the turbo into the air filter.

Unfortunately I could put 10k into this car and it would probably still be cheaper than buying a used one right now but that being said I am on a moderate budget. I am DIYing everything out of necessity(more time than money). You guys work on these cars regularly; I don't.

Is there anything you would recommend looking at replacing while I have the transmission out on a vehicle with my mileage or in relation to the upgrade package. It's a daily driver and I'm not looking to make it a race car but it got fantastic mpg before check engine lights for other things and the tranny went out and I'd like to see it give me another 250k miles if possible.
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