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I'm doing a big brake overhaul on my 200k+ mileage 98 Jetta TDI. Stock brakes are really starting to show their age, and I'm sick of the rear drum brakes, doing a conversion. I'm getting the kit from Momentum Motorparts since 1997! I'm also replacing my suspension and most of the front end parts. Getting the Prothane bushing kit.

My current wheel size is 185/65/R14

The big brake kit necessitates a 15in wheel, which will of course require a different tire size.

I want to take this opportunity to get a wheel and tire setup that really complements the way that I use the car. I live 10min down a bumpy dirt road and currently the commute is a bit painful. Maintaining steel wheels is a necessity I think. I'm also considering going wider 7in or even 8in wheels sound appealing over the stock 6in.

Some of kind of lower pressure all season or all terrain tire should help with some of the bumps. My stock wheels with Michelin defenders are very rigid and made for street use.

Getting a half inch lift from a new tire size seems practical since this car tends to ride so low. I regulary graze the bottom of the car with something - roads are rough where I live and like I said, I spend a lot of time off road. That said, I don't want to mess with stock functioning of the car too much. Fuel economy is important to me as well as other factors like RPM etc (which I don't fully understand)

I've been trying to absorb as much info as possible from this calculator, but still feeling a bit lost. I'm no mechanic and this is the first time I'm messing with my wheels/tires to this extent in the 10 years I've owned the vehicle.

I'm looking here at some different wheels. Wheels - 15 in. Wheel Diameter - Steel Wheel Material - Black Primary Wheel Color - 4 x 100mm Wheel Bolt Pattern (application) - 6.00 Wheel Width (in.) - 6.50 Wheel Width (in.) - 7.00 Wheel Width (in.) - 7.50 Wheel Width (in.) - 8.00 Wheel Width (in.) - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing

The Bassets seem to be the only steel wheel offered in sizes beyond 6in width.

But most importantly I need to figure out what the correct offset etc, is to fit my new brakes and also fit my car.

Tire size is even more of a conundrum to me. SO MANY OPTIONS. I guess I need to figure out what the maximum size that will fit my car is with the new 15in wheels.

I should also say that I am not entirely opposed to modifying the wheel well/fender to fit a larger tire if it would provide enough benefit.
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