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Hello all,

To preface, this post is more out of my curiosity then for advice. Just want to see what the community has experienced

Was driving home from work one day when the Golf went into limp mode. Made it home then threw VCDS on. Showed the following :
17160 - Pressure Control Solenoid 2 P0776 - 012 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent
17252- Transmission Fluid Pressure Adaptation at Limit
P0868 - 001 - Upper Limit Exceeded - Intermittent

The P0868 has been present for over 200k miles but the solenoid is new. At a local euro shop they recommended a transmission replacement with a used unit and new flywheel due to mileage on original which is 331k miles. The mechatronics unit is what is bad.

Anyone had any luck just replacing the mech unit with that many miles on everything else? They worry that there could still be other issues with the clutch packs or flywheel and don’t want me to invest the money with the uncertainty of the older parts. I am fine with this but hate that the transmission won’t be original. Not a huge deal but still. Price is virtually the same as well but used transmission comes with lifetime warranty including the clutches and mech unit from the supplier. Seems like a no brainer to me to swap. Again just wanted wanted to see what others experienced. Been very lucky so far with no other major issues with this car.

Thanks for reading!
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