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replace IP or swap AT for 5 speed, that is the question...

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my '03 Jetta Wagon IP may be bad... just got the tool from metalnerd but it's below freezing in seattle and I've been "from" chicago for over 35 years... so the mystery of my IP remains until it rains again...

I'm hoping that I can clean the metering valve and stop the IP from hammering... diesel purge helped, but it would mess up again... have found a couple sources for a rebuilt pump...

however, not being content with a relatively simple repair, I found another '03 Jetta wagon almost like mine, but with out the same body damage, a good engine, and a bad automatic...

so, being the kind of guy that mixes and matches jeep parts, I got to thinking, maybe I could buy this non-mobile Jetta that looks good, swap my 5 speed and leather seats into the better body with a good engine...

so, after a few minutes of searching for how-to's and swap stories only found one post that talked about it... really no continuity in forums so I don't know what the entire saga was like from start to stop or if it worked...

So, if I could, simple question, is there a how-to somewhere that shows what is required to replace an AT in a MkIV with a 5speed?

How much effort is really involved? Is this a weekend project or a career move?

considering the guy wants retail for a non-mobile TDI I probably have time to wait for responses... :)

In the meantime, hoping for rain tomorrow afternoon to see if I can salvage my IP...

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Good news - it's not too hard if you are thinking about it.

Install clutch pedal assembly - you need the entire pedal assembly because the "gas" pedal is drive by wire. Install clutch switch for cruise control.

Use VCDS to tell the car's computer that a manual is installed and not an automatic - it's a simple change of 1 code.

Install clutch master hydraulic cylinder and line.

Install transmission.

IMHO, an interior seat swap is a lot easier though.
alphaseinor did one here: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=151516 It's a weekend project if you have all the parts ready.
thankfully the jetta wagon sold... I just bought a used IP on ebay... I determined that the metering control portion of my pump is the problem... pulled it apart, cleaned it and it worked for a little bit... suspect worn parts... but the last time I took it apart I accidently bent something and now the engine wants to jump out of the car... at idle... but it does run better... so I'm going to raid parts off the used pump and hope for the best. less expensive than swapping the pump.

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