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replace a good rear main seal?

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the clutch is out and i purchased a new rear main seal (along with the clutch, flywheel, mounts, lca bushings, ...) . however, there are no leaks and the only posts i read on rear main seals mention problems after replacement.

the car only has 90k. should i just save the part for the next clutch change?
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thanks for the advice. the benefit is probably not worth the risk at this point.

i read a couple of posts that said that you should replace it while you were there and decided to buy the part and gasket material. i'll save them for another day.
i have a leak at the tandem pump and am replacing that gasket. the rear seal looked good so i'll just let it be for now. new clutch comes tomorrow... can't wait.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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