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replace a good rear main seal?

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the clutch is out and i purchased a new rear main seal (along with the clutch, flywheel, mounts, lca bushings, ...) . however, there are no leaks and the only posts i read on rear main seals mention problems after replacement.

the car only has 90k. should i just save the part for the next clutch change?
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2 ways to look at it, and I agree with not replacing it.
1. Don't replace it because it isn't leaking
2. replace it because its old and could start leaking at any time.

However, during the process of replacing it, you could screw it up and not know it. Its not fun to get to it.

I replaced mine when I did my clutch because it was leaking. I'm glad I did but I had a scare when my CCV was leaking at the puck and dripped all the way down there.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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