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06 jetta 1.9 brm

I'm sure I've posted here and other forums regarding and issue I had with my jetta. Finally pulled the head and found that the glow plug tip in cylinder 2 fell off and got smashed around. Car still ran but for obvious reasons didn't sound good. Top of piston and head base has multiple indents. Valves cracked/broken. Cylinder wall looks good.

Compression test was inconclusive as the pressure wouldn't hold in other cylinder (gauge needle dropped), and obviously no pressure in #2.

1) with indents in piston but piston isn't cracked or broken is it reusable/see any issues with it?
2) same for head as piston other than valves needing replaced
3) searching around seems the cost of a piston, gasket kit, head bolts, used head, would run me about $700. Which I can get a used engine for that amount - opinions on direction to go?

4) I'm assuming the two other engines that came in this model could be swapped in but are there any issues I'd run into such as shape/fitment, needing different coolant reservoir, steering pump/lines, engine harness, computer, etc. I'm assuming it'll bolt to my automatic trans just fine, but I'll likely need to get the engine harness and computer with engine.

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