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Unfortunately my wife ran up a curb with our new to us 2013 Cayenne Diesel. It was a very slow bump on the spoiler, mainly just pressure. Did not
even leave a mark. What it did do is pop out the bumper cover a little at the very lower corner in front of the left tire. It also popped off the black plastic
cover surrounding the wheel arch. I'd like to take that cover entirely off so I can see how the bumper cover attaches at the bottom. I think all this is probably
just snapped into place but I don't want to try using any force when I have no idea where to push and not snap off the plastic "snap tabs".
Can anyone tell me if the black plastic fender surround is just a snap fit and how I get it off? Any info about the bumper cover corner would be great.
I will likely be able to see how that snaps after I get off the wheel arch plastic. This reminds me how I killed a cellphone replacing the screen when I pulled
on the wrong snap point. The other two went perfectly only because I knew where the snap points were. Otherwise she is really loving her car. LOL I have only
driven it twice. Sure cannot tell it's diesel powered.
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