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Hi everyone,

I posted this video
to YouTube so anyone that wants to attempt this will have an idea of what they're getting themselves into. There are many well done videos or there
that show what all is involved in REPLACING the bushing, but gloss over REMOVING the stock damned bushing. The Bentley lists the tools needed to do the job like a VW tech would. I priced the tools and the cost was in the $2k -$3k range (as I remember). Too much regardless. In all, it took about 2 hours to get that SOB out.
I could not find any aftermarket puller/press, so if you know of one post it here. I read on TDIClub (I can't find the link) about using an air hammer. Even with the air hammer... geez, what a mess.

I'd rather drop the engine/gearbox than do this again. On my other Jetta I pulled the trailing arm and put it on saw horses... much easier, but still a PITA.

If anyone has any insight, PLEASE share how easy it is for you.

Edit: there's no sound. Skip to about 9:00 got the gorey part.

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I used the OTC Ball Joint Service #6530 Kit to push them pesky boogers out… and a 1/2” drive impact gun. The kit runs in the $400 and up range.
I did not buy this kit to do bushings. I bought it for ball joints… and whatever else I could use that portable C press on. I did have a couple of the metal bushing retainers that didn’t come out with this tool kit. Then I use a bi-metal saws-all, like you had in the video, to get those out. Specifically, the kit didn’t have the size to push out the front bushings, with their retainers, on a pick up truck I was wrenching.
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