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Ready to jump in. A3 TDI

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Hi I been looking at a3 for a while now, and I have decided to jump in for the TDI. I came across this website, saw a lot of useful information, so I decided to join.

I just took my gmat test even thought I failed it, I promised I will use this time to shop for a new car.(Long story short, need it for grad school and plan to take it again in Fed.)

Now I got few questions here. What is a good price for a 2011 A3 TDI witht he plus package? I got an offer for a black one 500 below the invoice, with more room to work with. (But is black, I kinda wanted a grey/white one over it but it is the only in stock.) Also the economic side of me wanted to buy a used 2010 TDI for around 3k cheaper. Can someone talk me into getting the 2011 =) If you bought a A3 TDI how much did you pay for it? I been lookign for a forum with pricing for A3 TDI but couldn't find any.

Also another big concert my gf got is the diesel gas.(She is gonna invest into the car also) Can we always find diesel gas? I don't think is a big deal since I live in OC and I don't travel much.

Anyway hope to get few people answer here and we can start to chat.
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Once you buy a diesel you'll notice all the stations that carry it. You have to use the small nozzles though, the fast fill truck nozzles won't fit in your filler.

Unless you like black I would avoid it because it shows swirl marks and dirt more easily. Except for white, lither colors can be a little dusty and still not look too bad.

As for the offer, sorry I don't know current prices, but if the way negotiation works is the offer, you go below the offer, and you meet somewhere in the middle.
Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah thats why I plan to offer another 1k lower. Also what else can I ask for when I buy a new audi? Never bought from high end dealership like audi before.
You could ask them to throw in AudiCare (4 years pre-paid scheduled maintenance -- MSRP is $740, IIRC). Of course, that means they won't be as flexible on the car's price, but you have the advantage of the pre-paid maintenance, which should easily pay for itself.
Ohh Thanks I will sure to remember to ask for Audicar, maybe an extra key for the heck of it. I am sure this time of this year and the weather helps the price to be more flexible =) I am in So Cal by the way.
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