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I listed to the Dynaudio in the 2010 VW Golf vs. the Jetta standard premium sound system. I'm not an audiophile but it sounded very good to me vs. Jetta premium radios which also sound good to me. Maybe the demo car had the settings customized, I don't know. Other reviews have said that it's very good for a stock system and I believe them. It was designed specifically for the Golf by Dynaudio. If you look at the Golf buyer's checklist and FAQ there is a link to dynaudio where they say a little bit about their work on the Golf sound system. It's definitely way better than the sound systems in the mk3 and mk4 VWs I had.

VW, like many other manufacturers, uses a diversity antenna. It constantly monitors 2 antennas and chooses the best one. No clue why my experience is different but I notice that the stretch of I-84 between the mass border and manchester area is lower than average but I can still get at least 15 stations in the VWs. Maybe your antenna base was corroded.
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