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Question about TDI suspension

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Hey guys,

So after much ado I sold my 08 GTI for a jetta TDI. I have had the car for two weeks now and I totally love everything about it except for one thing. I feel that my cars suspension is VERY loose at speeds of 60+ mph. At first I thought it was just me being used to my old GTI, But I drove my wifes 06' Jetta SEL last night for the first time in two weeks and hers is much better. Also, my car seems to pull pretty hard left at the same speeds, like if I let go of the wheel at all, im headed into the next lane.

So the question is really, Is the looseness normal on the 10' TDI or should I have it looked at? And if it is normal, what can I add to bring it back into some kind of handling for the highway. I would say that 80% of my driving is highways of 60+.


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Hmmm, that's really strange. Did the dealer leave the spacers in the suspension when you picked it up? Other than that, I'm not really sure what it'd be from.

I just got a '10 TDI but it's the Cup Edition so it's got the GLI suspension so I can really compare mine to your's.

By the way, I see you're from Waldorf! I grew up in Calvert County. My parents live in Montgomery right now and my sister and brother-in-law live down in LaPlata. Unfortunately, I've ended up in Michigan. . .
Laplata hugh, wow small world. Yea I checked for the spacers and they were not left in. I was going to buy the cup edition, but all my dealer had was the automatic, and I like the manual better. I guess I should have got the cup!

Anyone else have any ideas?

Have you checked lug nuts? We have both the Jetta TDI and A3 TDI in our household and both feel very similar. You have something is loose or disconnected IMHO and needs to be checked ASAP
I have not checked the lugs, but thats a great Idea. Im going to take it into the dealer this week and have it checked out.

Thanks again

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