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Question about TDI Cup Springs

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Greetings everyone. I just have a question about the springs used on the Jetta TDI Cup Edition. Are they identical to the 2009 GLI springs, or are there minor differences due to the slight weight difference between the GLI and the TDI Cup?

Thanks! Great site by the way, been lurking here for some time now.
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This is just a wild guess but I'm guessing they are different, again due to the weight difference. I have the cup edition part numbers but without the GLI part numbers it wouldn't help much.

In addition, what about manual-DSG part numbers?
Even if they were different I'm sure you could swap them.
Thanks for the reply. Actually, do you think you could post the part numbers? I remember stumbling across the GLI part numbers somewhere, so that might be a good place to start.

As for the DSG/manual bit, this is the weird bit. I know the GTI has different part numbers for the manual and DSG, but the color codes I've seen for the manual and DSG GLIs have been the same. Perhaps I haven't researched enough, but I'm not able to find much information regarding that, but I did find it puzzling to see the same color codes.

Yeah I know I can still swap them, I just want to avoid any major differences in spring rates. Although, it shouldn't be that different because the weight difference is under 100 pounds. Still, I'd like to confirm that.
I could be wrong about the auto-manual, to be honest it was just a guess.

This is just off the one cup edition I had the chance to closely examine.

The rear shocks are: 1k0 512 011 sq (1k0512011sq)
the rear spring color codes are: blue, yellow, yellow, 1k0 511 155 bs (1k0511155bs)

the front spring color codes are: red, violet, 1k0 411 105 dc (1k0411105dc)
the front struts are: 1t0 412 015 km (1t0412015km)

Please let me know how this compares to the one you are looking at.
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Alright, the rear springs are the same as the ones off a late GLI based on the color code. The front seems to be a bit different, though. A GLI has red, white, purple, at least for a manual version (I have DSG). Would you happen to know which transmission the Cup Edition you looked at had?
Oh well in that case I just have to find the color code for a DSG GLI. If it is red, violet, then they should be the same. I'll see what I can find. Although I have to say, red, white, purple is really close when it comes to colors, maybe my source is a bit off?
Hmm, this is interesting. I just managed to take a look under a TDI Cup Edition (DSG) and the rear springs are indeed blue, yellow, yellow. The front however was pink, orange. :confused: Not sure what that means. Maybe the lighting made it look different, but it definitely didn't look like red, violet. Hopefully I'll have the GLI codes soon to compare.
Here are some pics: mouseover to expand the lightbox.


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Oh sweet, thanks! Guess I didn't look at it properly, although it looks like red, pink from those pictures. But yeah, that's how it looked. I really do hope the GLI springs end up having the same color codes, since it seems to be a lot easier to get a set of those as opposed to TDI Cup Springs.
Hmm, well it looks like the DSG and manual GLIs have the same springs, and that the TDI Cup and the GLI do in fact have different front springs. Looks like I'll have to find a set of TDI Cup springs somewhere (which I don't think will be that easy). Oh one other thing, do you know if the shocks/struts the same as the standard Jetta? I remember reading somewhere that they are, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks again!
The springs posted by chitty appear to be the same ones that I bought off of a GLI Fahrenheit edition. I will check them out again in the morning to confirm.
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