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Question about Jetta interiors

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I had a 1990 Jetta for 10 years 256K. Interior and seats looked new upon it's retirement.

I purchased a 2003, then because I needed more room a 2004 wagon. In both cars, I noted waxy damage on most of the plastic/rubber parts like above the steering wheel and on the door handles. They are pitted and with a fingernail I can roll off this gooey stuff. On my wagon, I note the fabric has fallen off of the composite ceiling liner. The drivers seat is showing dirty and wear. What happened to the quality and how can I remove this soft stuff on the plastics? Thanks for any suggestion for repair of this trim. DL
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The headliner can be removed, scraped clean, and new "mousefur" headliner applied. The tan or gray mousefur replacement headliners are the most common but they might have cloth texture headliners. I lived in FL a short time and my 10 year old car's headliner immediately started to fall down in multiple places. I think it's the humidity.

The soft stuff is VW's soft touch coating. It makes hard plastics feel soft. However, things like sunscreens or lotions can attack it. Long fingernails will also scrape it. Remove the door handle and scrape them clean with a scrubby pad, problem fixed. There is a writeup on how to remove the door handles in the FAQ.
Very common problem. If it makes you feel any better, Audi had the same soft touch coatings and the same problems and the cars are luxury class.
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