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Question about ECU tube replacement

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I was looking at the ECU replacement page:


and saw the link to mcmaster for the silicone tubing.

Went there to order some of the tubing and wasn't sure which was the right stuff to get. Was hoping someone could give me some advice. It lists a 'Firm' and 'Soft' tubing option.

Initially, I was thinking I'd just buy the following for the tubing replacement:

5041K52 3mm tubing
5041K53 4mm tubing

(on page 121 of the mcmaster catalog).

Should I be getting the 'Soft' tubing instead?

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Not sure but I'd go with 4mm to make sure it can slip over the vacuum tubes. Even if it's hard it should work but I'd avoid 3mm hard since it may not stretch out. Never noticed the option since they change the items available.
Both would probably work but one would be easier to install or might last longer, the original one lasted at least 10 years so any replacement would probably last longer than you will own the car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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