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Despite being sci-fi fan and a huge rpg so I don't understand the star series. There was phantasy star 1-4 on sega, there was a star online on dream cast, and PSO2 Meseta then thought I had a phantasy star 2 online on Xbox 360. Maybe that has been phantasy star universe? But I just played an hour and it was dreadful. Is PSO2 a remake of something or a newer game older? Why would someone want to play with finally I'm a huge star sea enthusiast, and this, when I'm looking for an action will pso be a disappointment oriented sci-fi rpg?

What's your initial and second favourite? I have had an chance but I have some great memories playing PSO about the GameCube split screen co-op. I know that it's meant to be played online, but like I said I never had a chance. Phantasy Star IV The End of the Millennium is among the greatest JRPGs on the market, my favourite. Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is my second favorite, it has so much things to do for content.

No 8-bit RPG is, if Phantasy Star 1 isn't good. I see what you mean, though. It was released in 1989, so I think it compares to its contemporaries, before any RPG made the jump. So IMO, comparisons only really held back it to later games of the generation.

The majority of beloved 16-bit RPGs on the SNES (Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3, EarthBound, FFVI, Super Mario RPG, Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, etc) all came out later PSIV, and many even after the Sega Saturn and PlayStation had been published. It was just competing with DQ5 and FFIV when PSIV released in 1993. As I have not played it, I won't shield Phantasy Star 3.

An unusual way to look at it. Anyone who is invested to take care of a 8 year old game being attracted around to NA is probably playing with with it. Either through PSO tweaker or the fully translated English edition of the game which exists specifically for a single part of the world (but can be retrieved with a proxy.) Together with crossplay further more the sport is going to be available on all platforms. The Same as JP. PSO2 already has of being on what BUT Xbox, practice. So it makes sense that this and pso2 sales this has been looked at right now. (also it's really not hard to set up PSOtweaker.
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