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PSA: if one of your door handles breaks, fix it before the other one breaks

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Someone was posting on another forum how his outer door handle never worked so he just used the inner one. Now his inner one is busted and the door is stuck.

Outside of removing the door hinges, which is possible, you are screwed. You have to cut the inner door panel off to get access to the locking mechanism. Or you can drill out the outer door handle.
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Saw your reply, you can lower the window and get access to the door lever from the inside of the window.
some cars you cant even get the door off if you take off the hinges unless you remove the latch too
It looks like the guy will just have to cut the door panel off to get access because his window doesn't work. I think the passat you could get it off it you took of the hinges but I've never tried...might require some wiggling to clear the lock.
No, the problem is the door latch is broken, not the remote lock. A remote will just move the lock.
Was this problem fixed?
He fixed it by fishing around a coat hanger. I'm surprised that it fit because it's such a tight fit. I also recommend that anyone who tries this put a few layers of painter's tape so you on't scratch the paint.

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Ouch, 2nd on the tape...coat hanger + paint = not happy.
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