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Not sure where else to put this - so I decided on this forum.

So I'm swapping in a TDI from my 2000 Golf donor - along with a bunch of accessories and anything else I wanted from the donor.

Originally, I had wanted to swap into a 1981 Rabbit that I have, but then I found a gutted 1987 Scirocco MK2 and decided it would be a better recipient. Now I can keep my perfectly functioning '81 diesel rabbit along with my monster scirocco.

I've learned that I was quite unlucky with my choice of donor car, I found a rear ended tdi for a decent price quite near where I am doing this swap and jumped on it. Unfortunately for me, this car had a few issues.

So now, I've removed nearly everything from the car donor, I have the wiring harness in the car (9 hours of soldering after having to cut it in half :eek). And I'm waiting for my new VNT-17 to arrive before installing that, finishing the timing belt job, and installing the new clutch. Hopefully Chittychittybangbang will be back to help me out again. He's a great guy and extremely knowledgeable and helpful (as is obvious by this website alone!).

So that's where I'm at now. I spent 8 hours today trying to make a bracket for fit the throttle pedal in a decent place reliably... I'm not sure how well that's going to work considering the bracket is made of 1/4" steel plates in the most bizarre arrangement... I need to cut out some of the air duct to the foot well to fit it properly, I hope that works out?

Then I'll be installing the shifter assembly, cutting holes into the firewall to run the cables. I hope it won't sit too far forward and interfere with the console. If it does, then I'll just have to modify the console/shifter.

Once I finish the engine upgrades then it should be set to drop into the car and start wiring it all up. I'll be using the stock exhaust for now, until I can acquire and fab up some new 2.5" exhaust piping.

I'm in the need of some A1 engine mounts though, since the scirocco didn't come with an engine, it also didn't come with the mounts or brackets unfortunately. So I'll need to find some of those, as well as a new lower right control arm which was bent during transportation... Also I'll need to reroute some fuel lines and figure out how to eliminate the CIS fuel pump (pumps at up to 120 PSI!) or regulate it or something...

So, still much to do!

It'd be nice to be able to remove the seats too, but they aren't stock and I'm not exactly sure how to remove them. They are powered Recaro touring seats (I think??). I'd also like to reupholster them if I can get them out.

Wow... well that's long enough, I need to get some pictures up!

Anyone by NYC who is interested/would like to contribute in any way to to this project feel free to send me a PM.



Since I hate not having any pictures up:

picking up the 'rocco

When i first started taking apart the golf

Engine out

mostly gutted

That's all I have right now, except for a couple pictures of me in the scirocco engine bay - but I'll need to fish those out of my email.

I need some current pictures, these are old (a month?)

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Yeah, there was too much play in the shaft and I was going to upgrade eventually anyway.

I was really torn with spending another 400 for the vnt17/22, but I can't justify it since I won't be able to install nozzles or tune it for a little while... the vnt17 will run fine until I start mega tuning. :thumbsup

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Yeah, I've been taking a look at those. My biggest problem (seat related at least!) is I don't know what kind of fabric to use... and then finding a pattern I like.

I thought it'd be entertaining to do an Argyle pattern and then get a headliner to match, but that'll probably just be obnoxious.

I can't really update the pictures unless chittychittybangbang comes over to help, unfortunately my camera is in China with my brother for another 2 weeks (he's been gone for 4... hence the lack of photos).

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On thursday (still waiting on pictures) chittychittybangbang came down from CT and helped me finish installing the TB, install the new vnt 17, and install the new clutch. So the engine is pretty much done now. I need a few new vacuum lines and to tighten a few nuts and bolts.

One of the EGR pipes doesn't quite connect now, but the turbo bolts aren't on tight so maybe that's why, if it still doesn't connect I may delete the EGR with a kit.

Unfortunately this turbo the mount for the bracket that holds it to the engine is perpendicular to the one that was originally on the car (it's a 2000, the 2001 car changed that) so I need to either modify the bracket or something. Shouldn't be too difficult.

I forgot a few things I needed to finish the turbo install completely so I'll bring those when I work on the car sunday (oil return line and bracket).

I finally made a list of everything I need to do before I install the engine:

put bracket on turbo/engine and the oil return line
tighten nuts/bolts
new vacuum line
mechanical clutch slave install
shifter install
fuel lines reroute
remove cis system (or determine if it can be kept?!?)
install new lower right control arm
buy engine mounts/brackets

probe intercooler (or ebay)
new hoses
ccv mod
egr delete?
boost gauge
boost valve
Throttle plate
exhaust (use makeshift or fab new one)

so there isn't too much to do:
On sunday I'll be try to get everything tightened down on the engine, and put those final things on the turbo

I still need to figure out how to remove the shifter cables from the shifter (I don't want to mess around with it until I know how - it doesn't look difficult, but...) and then that's an easy install

and I also will install the mechanical clutch slave on the tranny

I've sent IMs to a bunch of people about the mounts and the lower right control arm, so hopefully I'll have that soon and can install it.\

And I need a lot more information before I know what to do about the fuel lines: Basically, will the system function without the computer(s)? I'm assuming I would have to regulate the pressure (it's 75 psi avg) and I know G60ing you regulated it to 6 psi.

If I decided removing it would be better, would that cause any problems? And how easy would it be to remove?

After everything on the list, then it's just a matter of hooking up wires, cleaning out the fuel tank and starting it up.

Also, I hope on sunday to install the steering column boot.

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All righty, Chittychittybangbang came down today to help me finally get my timing belt on with my new tensioner so I could eliminate the idler roller, get more clearance, and then put the engine in. Except, I don't know how to install the new idler roller, I have the bolt that it's supposed to go on, the bolt already in the block for the old tensioner is too thin, and the hole is too small to install the new bolt.

Sooo, this is frustrating. Also, Chitty brought up that I don't know how far to tighten the new tensioner because it doesn't have the notch that the original tensioner has.

So, to those who have done this before (it's been a long time since I've updated this thread and since I've talked with people about this swap! Besides G60ING I forget who else had given me advice on this and who recommended using the other tensioner...) and used the other tensioner (from a older jetta I think?!?) what did you do?

I really want to get back to this project, it sucks having it so far away.

Wow, it's insane to see those pictures now... it's a year later and everything is covered in almost an inch of dust =(!

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What a great build. Two of the locals here on the east coast of Canada have TDI Corrados. Another has an AAZ Rocco that turns 13.5 at the drag strip. I have a 1981 Caddy with a hot 2.0 AAZ that turns consistent 13s. You are going to love this jewel. Keep up the great work.
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