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I am treading carefully here and trying to do research before I start installing the timing components and other assessories on my rebuilt AHU. I have a few questions for he board about the installation sequence.

Set the scene: I have the block assembled, head is on torqued down, pistons are at equal heights. Cam is in TDC position.


1. Should I put motor back to TDC in preparation for installing the timing components? Will this be too risky without there flywheel marker? Should I buy a crank lock tool?

2. How should I install the cam sprocket(method of counter-holding?)

3.i have no idea what timing the injection pump is at right now, any suggestions for installation? How should I counter hold the IP pulley for installation?

Basically what I am asking is what is the best practice for getting a TDI ready from a bare block? I’m confident just a little unsure where to take the first step.

Thanks everyone!

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