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Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum so my apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong section.
A few weeks ago the turbo failed on my 2011 Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 auto. Bearings failed turbine side. Turbo was still intact apart from loosing the nut that disappeared into the dpf.

I replaced the turbo with a reconditioned turbo from a reputable company in London.
I completed oil and filter change, had the inter cooler flushed and verified good flow. The Oil supply was good and no blockage to the oil drain pipe.
Prior to the initial starting, I injected a small amount of oil directly into the turbo, pulled the fuel pump fuse to prime the turbo feed with oil.

And the problems begin, the car started perfectly no issues how ever I could hear a loud hissing that sounded like it was coming from the turbo, accompanied by what seemed to me like a laboured idle.
Over the period of a few miles the car started to hesitate when pulling away, jerking and the turbo really seemed to be stressed(felt and sounded like air being forced back through the turbo) However if you ease back on the throttle then accelerate again it would run perfectly until you come to a stop. Then we’d be bunny hopping and making a turkey noise again.

Took it to a fuel injection specialist who couldn’t find anything wrong with the engine, he ruled out Dpf, egr and throttle body and blamed the turbo. He said the turbo was strangling itself and could possibly be sticking vanes.
I checked the vacuum control valve which was fine, pulled a vacuum on the actuator and noticed the hissing started at 15” of mercury.

So I stripped down the turbo, the vanes weren’t stuck but did feel a-bit gritty and were considerably carboned up (I’m assuming because the intecooler sucked up some oil, it did start to smoke heavily prior to failure)

I Gave everything a good clean put it back together and tried again. However I made the mistake of crossing the sensors and threw the car into limp mode, funny thing is, apart from whistling like a kettle it ran perfect, no hissing no hesitation no turbo flutter. I attempted another vacuum test on the actuator and managed to pull the arm all the way to the stop 18” of mercury still no hissing.
Cleared the codes after swapping the sensors back and I’m now back to square 1, hissing and severe hesitation at low revs. Seems to run fine at high speeds and pulls like a train.

I’ve since verified the hissing is coming from the exhaust side of the turbo, after cleaning I noticed moisture escaping from the actuator arm were it goes into the core, sprayed it with soapy water and lots of bubbles from that area.
Despite being told the dpf was ok I decided to clean it anyway so I soaked it for 12 hours in wynns off car dpf cleaner then backflushed. I rinsed the remaining detergent out with water which seemed to run clearly and freely. Still made no difference
I’m stumped so any help would be appreciated Thanks Guys
P.s no engine codes or management lights
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