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power loss after cresting hill

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After cresting a small hill I tried to increase power. Instead I lost power for a couple of seconds before power returned. The car at that time had less than 300 miles <2010 jetta tdi >.I now have over 3,000 miles and it happens on one in five small hills. The last one lasted 8- 10 seconds. I was 100 feet down the hill at 40 mph in fifth gear and tried to increase power. Ended up shifting to forth and than to third and powering my way out. RPM went to 1100 before recovering. Going to dealer as this is a safety issue. Any thoughts.
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Is it manual or DSG?

Some people have complained of power loss cresting a hill. I think that is actually the same wording I wrote in the 2009-2010 Jetta TDI buying guide in the FAQ. The best hypothesis is that it's related to the EGR and emissions tuning. No it should not happen. It could be the intake manifold flap or exhaust pipe valve, fueling or EGR metering, or a combination of these. Please let us know if the dealer finds any error codes.
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