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2014 golf wagon tdi highline. Car has KESSY which meens it comes with a PUSH TO START button for ignition, power door locks with touch sensors in fwd door handles and 2 FOB for remote lock/unlock/trunk.

Symptoms: first thing that cought my attention was that I would trigger the alarm horn everytime I opened my driver's door by just pulling the handle with the FOB in my pockets. Then I noticed that when locking or unlocking the car (FOB, handle touch sensor, inside switch) I couldn't hear the driver door latch actuate. Finally I realised that the driver door wasn't locking anymore. Could only lock it mechanically with flip blade key.

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver

2 Faults Found:

67074 - Motors for Central Locking
B122B 01 [009] - Electrical Failure
Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

67330 - Switch for Central Locking
B122D 29 [008] - Signal Implausible
Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

Replaced driver door latch and cleared fault with VCDS and everything is back to normal. Followed the procedure in this video, except mine had an extra connector on the handle for the sensor.

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