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Porsche Boxster kit

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I came across this on ebay, it's a Boxster with a body kit to make it look like the Carrera GT. The front half looks pretty good but the rear end is all messed up. It's more an exercise in custom fabrication which is good, but the design is all wrong. The back end looks squished up.


Which is better or worse: a Boxster with a GT kit or a Pontiac Fiero with a Ferrari kit?
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I actually think it looks really good. The ad says that it's a demo to show people his workmanship and the custom work looks great. I mean, pictures aren't the same as being there in person and touching the seams and checking the panels.

I've seen the front end before though, it looks like the Hamann body kit.

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The bumper looks a little different at the side vents. I can definitely see the resemblance though.
Not bad, the car sold for $29k. All that custom body work is worth at least $10k. Even still, I wouldn't want to be seen in that car. Those humps in the back are supposed to be grills for the engine. I once saw a Chrysler 300 with a Bentley sticker on the front, that was a sad, sad, sight.
A Fiero with a V8 swap isn't that bad. They get pretty good performance and it's a common swap. Some later cars came with a V6 but a V8 fits. The plastic body panels make it really easy to make it into a kit car, which is why it's so popular.
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