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Polo Starting Problems

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Can any one please help me with a Polo 1.9Tdi ASZ code engine with 83000Km.
The engine fires up and then dies, sometimes it will idle for a maximum of 30 seconds.
When it idle's there is no throttle respons, and it just smokes black, like it stays in excessive starting fuel. I have disconected the EGR system and exhaust and intake throttle body.
When testing it with my Bosch KTS550 I get a Error 4141 "Rpm sensor signal improbable".
I have measured the sensor all the values are according to Bosch specs, it gives 490ohms and gives the correct signal on my oscilliscope for the few seconds that it idles. I have replaced the water temprature sender unit. I have verify the cam to crank timing marks and set the Injector settings to zero travel and 180 degrees back. Fuel pressure at cranking is 2 Bar and at idle 8 Bar. This all happend just after the turbo impeller shaft broke at the intake side just after pulling away.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Hmmmmm..turbo shaft broke on the intake side, black smoke like excessive fuel.

Have you cleaned out the intake path and intercooler? When the turbo broke, was it spewing engine oil? If so, it's possible the intercooler and intake pipes are soaked in engine oil which is getting pulled into the engine and being burned there. Then the engine runs off it and smokes black. If there's enough oil, it could even hydrolock the engine. Could this result in that error code because the engine is running off the oil? Possible.
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