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Picking up my first VW TDI a New Beetle on Thursday!

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Hello all!
I am very excited to be here! As per the title I am picking up a '99 New Beetle this Thursday! Its a 5 speed with only 149k, also has all the paperwork, documentation, and service records!
Over the past few days I have been absorbing all this info like a sponge. I plan on doing minor maintenance myself and bigger maintenance items with the help of a skillful mechanic friend, or trusted mechanic. I will probably be babying the car and make sure it runs 110%, I want to be able to drive semi-aggressively and start light autocrossing this spring. I am also currently planning out a biodiesel reactor too!

This is not my first turbo diesel car. I used to own an '83 Turbo Diesel 300D M-Benz. Talk about a car, that thing was built like a tank! I sold it though (nearly 2 years ago) because it was automatic and I was getting tired of not having a clutch. It was extremely fun, a torque beast, and RWD, also had a sun roof and built better than most cars from the 90's!

I just can't wait till thursday!! Its nearly 3.5 hour trip so first trip with my NB will be a long one :)
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Welcome! I hope it survives the trip! Take a look at the mk4 buying guide and checklist, there are some maintenance things to be aware of in there.
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