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Picked up a 2011 VW JSW in may 2011...loving it!

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My former vehicle was a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4WD Xtra Cab. With one kiddo here and another on the way, I needed another way to get around and damned soon, too. I knew I wanted a diesel: after hoping for several futile months that Subaru would start selling Boxer Diesels here in the U.S., and getting sick of filling up the truck at least once per week (22 MPG...ewww), I decided to take the plunge and try out a JSW at the dealership.

All they had for a TDI demo model was a DSG. I gave it a shot and loved it right away! Selected a Platinum Gray Metallic TDI w/ manual transmission. ~2500 miles later, and I'm not looking back!

Been averaging around 40 MPG per fillup...hoping for more when the compression kicks up later on!
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You will love the car, the JSW with TDI has been a hot seller for good reason.:thumbsupwelcometomyturbodies
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