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Passat v6 tdi Turbo problems

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When idling the turbo waste gate is opening intermmitently, the engine wont rev above 3000, when you give it more fuel it just smokes very badly, I have checked and renewed all the vacum hoses, als it is very recluctant to change up a gear. Help please
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My best guess is a major boost leak. If an intake hose popped off or has split wide open, it will result in bucking, won't rev above a certain rpm, and smoke. An intake hose isn't the same as the small vacuum hoses, the intake hoses are supposed to be pressurized by the turbo, if they aren't all the air dumps out. Scan for error codes for better ideas.
Turbo noise BKD engine

Hi, my turbo started whining so I sent it Midland turbo where they have cleaned the vanes as they were sticking, well at least that's what they said, but now after few weeks the noise is back and I just found out that whenever I detach hose to the actuator from the vacuum selenoid the noise is gone. Could it be bad posisioning of vanes when the vacuum is attached? There is no power loss, only sometimes in second gear when I accelerate harder there's a bit of hesitation but it only lasts for about one second. Please help.
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