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Hi guys,
My 1st VW was an oval 56 Beetle in 1967. Since then I have had most variants - air cooled, water cooled, sedans, station wagons (estates)Kombis, 4 & 5 cylinder. Beetles, Golfs, Passats, Santanas (Japaese built Passats), Audi 5E, to now having a 2008 2.0ltr TDI BMR 6sp DSG 3C2176PASSAT Comfortline (Aussie spec.) I consider myself a reasonably competent non-professional mechanic as over the years, mainly when younger, did my own overhauls when necessary. Converted a 1980 Passat Stn Wgn 1500 diesel 4sp to 1600 TDI with 5 Sp a few years ago. Tweeked the engine which was originally industrial with porting, moded injector pump etc. It went like the clappers & would out accelerate a Mk1 GTI Golf up to about 130 kph, & would get to 170 on flat road no wind.
So I've been a bit of a nut for these cars, mainly because you get to know how the manufacture goes about things compared to others & how to get hold of parts at better than dealer prices. I must admit that the increasing use of sophisticated electronics has made things a bit more difficult for the DIYer, but the WWW is now a big help in problem solving.
I bought my current Passat from a friend after they decided to update (went Japanese) after they had had an intermittent stalling fault which the nearest dealer could not fix, but which turned out to be just the insulation on one of the sensor wires behind the engine having rubbed through & occasionally shorting out leading to an ECU shut down. it would always start again as once stationary, the wire would come off where it was shorted to, & only touched again after a bump or hard cornering.
It has now done nearly 260,000 km otherwise fault free. As I live in a somewhat remote location in far western New South Wales, I really appreciate the abiltiy to fill up & dive 1100+ km to visit family without topping up.
One thing is really annoying! The owners manual is written for LHD cars but with a small supplement for Australian Models which are RHD. This is fine, except that the fuse location (each side of the dash) diagrams and function lists in the main manual is quite wrong for my car.
The owners manual is clearly generic for all versions, with images indicating LHD dash layout & the fuses (A & B boxes) each side of the dash. There is an Australian supplement for the manual but no mention of fuses. The images in the manual for the fuse boxes at each end of the dash shown in booklet 3.3 page 85. appear to be reversed for my car - the fuse boxes, by shape at least, but the actual fuse locations within each box bear little relationship to their actual function as listed in the Owners Manual. I've spent hours on the net searching for the right one, without success. There are some claiming to be for RHD, but they have simply reversed the image & the positions aren't correct.
I am hoping that some nice UK owner (RHD) familiar with similar car might have a diagram of the right layout. In some blogs on the net I have seen comments that the fuses & wiring of the B6 Passat are the same as a Mk5 Golf.
Can anyone help please? Just the fuse layout & assignments for the L & R dash end boxes for a RHD car. Maybe ELSAwin might specify the RHD version differently to the LHD. Anything even close would be a help.
PS: My Owners manual states: "Depending on the version and specifications of your vehicle, the fuse numbers and positions may differ to those given in the table. Your Volkswagen dealership will be able to inform of the exact fuse layout." I assume therefore the info must be in ELSAwin ????
Thanks guys.

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