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I have just the regular headlight switch, headlights off/ headlights on.
Can I put the Euroswitch in my 2010 jetta TDI to replace the regular switch??
And who do I buy it from, Do I have to have VCDS to inable the new switch?
Read the writeup, it answers most of your questions.

It's plug and play, yes it will work, I tried mine on a 2010 Jetta last week.

However, it won't work like you intend unless you disable the DRL. Instructions and demo pics are in the writeup.

I bought mine off ebay. It's probably a clone part but it works. If you want to buy a made in mexico or germany, or wherever the OEM part is made, it's normally another $40-50.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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